Our Facilities

International Syllabus

The Institution follows an international based curriculum where both internal assessments and external activities are conducted simultaneously. Parth International enhances the standard of education by emancipating the latest upgraded IGCSE syllabus around the world for the primary sections of the school.

Certified Academic Trainers

The teaching staffs of the Parth International School are well trained according to the norms of the latest curriculum. The management have taken efforts in training the staffs of this school to make learning stronger and better with great results.

Child-Centered Learning

The education in this institution is basically child oriented as a child’s intellect is constantly challenged at every assessment level. Various types of assessment programmes brings out the talent and academic excellence in children.

Digital Learning

The school has been designed with the latest technology to suite the learning of the current generation. The classrooms are set with projectors and various other digital settings to enhance the learning process and to make education easier.

Students Teachers Ratio 15:1

For every ten batch of students, a staff member has been allocated to have a better administration and to do the required assessments along with activities. This ratio is apt for a better evaluation of the students’ performance and progress at the same time.

Clean & Hygenic Campus

The school campus is filled with greenery to make an ambience for a great learning experience. Cleanliness and hygiene management at its best in this abode of education.

Well Balanced Diet

The diet supplies at the institution are well suited to the taste buds of the kids as well as it is nutritious in its energy level. The school takes a particular care of the food quality to give the best diet to the children.

Transport Facility

The up and down transportation facility has been allocated with a safe ride and also a guide has been assigned with every vehicle to take care of the comfortability of children. The safety of the children is covered with a good care.

Field Trips

Along with internal assessment and various levels of activities, the school takes a particular interest in conducting field trips for kids to make them aware of various aspects of the outbound education and to make learning easier and playful.