“A School aiming towards excellence.”

“ Parth is the name given to our epic hero Arjuna by Lord Krishna. It is a Sanskrit word which means the one who never misses his target.”

We strive to develop skills as well as provide experiences that enrich each child's social emotional physical cognitive intellectual creative abilities.

Who We Are

The school is sponsored and managed by Sri Amman Trust. The Founder and Chairman is Mr. R.Ashokkumar and Mrs. E.N. Dheepa. Our school provides a holistic education for students for the past 10 years. Education is transforming itself rapidly. New initiatives in terms of teaching methodology and best practices need to be integrated regularly our school is good at adapting new learning technologies and implementing in practical to experience the all new learning methodology for the students.

Parth International School is a place where children have an opportunity to play, learn, develop and grow with the same pace. Children are the most active learners and are capable of achieving the stepping stones of the set target. Parth international school provides a cheerful, child - friendly classrooms where children are encouraged to learn through exploration, examination, imitation and so on.

The school provides a caring, evolving and nurturing environment. Each child is valued for its unique receptive qualities. Generally, babies have an access to qualitative playing resources. The staffs usually engage themselves in sustaining children's learning process during various activities. An effective partnership with parents ensures each individual child's progress as the work is shared systematically. The management has a clear vision of the continuous development of nursery section. They work effectively with staffs and parents to improve educational standards for children.

The timetable is carefully structured for a happy learning. There is a wide range of educational, motivational and various play materials within the bright classrooms and has an access to well-equipped outdoor play areas.

The children are facilitated to work individually as well as in small groups and the school is equipped with latest technologies so that each child has the opportunity to master one stage before moving on to the next. A great deal of learning is done through an imaginative play. We plan our curriculum based on each child’s interests and their capacity to cover all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Our preschool students will be provided with a broad range of educational opportunities for an early start for school success by well-trained academic trainers. We strive to develop skills as well as provide experiences that enrich each child's social, emotional, physical, cognitive, intellectual, and creative abilities.